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How do we do it you ask?

In short, we are Sri Lanka’s ONLY, yes ONLY Wristband Manufacturer and Printer. That’s how!

When everyone just imports from China, we don’t. We have over 50 staff members and the machinery to make sure you get your rubber bracelets printed in Sri Lanka, gets ready and delivers on-time and on budget. Call us today to discuss your urgent or not-so-urgent order!

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24 HOUR Express Delivery for
Customized Wristbands in Sri Lanka.
Minimum Order 500 Bands.

Welcome to Synergy Polymers. Located in Colombo, we are Sri Lanka's sole, yes SOLE Wristband Printing and Manufacturing factory. With over 50 staff members and machinery, we can print your wristbands in just 24 hours.

If you are looking for a Quality Product made and printed right here in Sri Lanka, you have come to the right place. Our Wrist band production speeds are unmatched. Whether you need the bands super quick in 24-hours or in a couple of days, we can help.

Call the number below to get Printed Hand Band & Wristband Prices.

Call 071 105 8782 today!

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